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Latest from Apple: Apple Watch Review

The Apple Watch is now on the wrists of members of the general public for the first time, and opinions about its usefulness are flying fast and furious. Here at TechCrunch, we’ve been sharing our thoughts in an ongoing diary, featuring daily entries describing what it’s like to use the Watch as we become more familiar with the new gadget.

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Slack Integrates With Google Calendar To Add Events To Channels

Slack, the popular office communication tool, will now integrate with Google Calendar, letting events automatically post reminders inside slack channels. Continue reading “Slack Integrates With Google Calendar To Add Events To Channels”

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YouTube’s New App Plays To Creators

Yes, we love videos of cats falling, but YouTube’s content creator network has blown up over the past few years. There’s some really great content being created by budding superstars.


Today, the company released a new version of its app (Android first, and iOS soon) that helps feed content from those superstars to their fans. The app now has a new subscription tab where you can track all of the latest and greatest from your favorite stars in one place:

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